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Nokia 6 (2018) phone restarting randomly

bought a Nokia 6 (2018) on EE, after a couple of days I noticed it was restarting itself and presumed it was updating the operating system as it was a new phone, a few days later it restarted in the middle of a phone call, its restarted opening apps, its restarted plugged in charging, its restarted browsing internet and its also restarted in safe mode in the middle of the night without it being used, this is over about 20 days and seems to be completely random when it does it, spoke to Nokia and they said I should get it changed for a new one as the problem seemed to start from day one. New phone and within 24hrs it has restarted again, have deleted all apps except Instagram and twitter, installed antivirus and came back clean, so far in 2 days it has restarted 3 times, I will see how it goes.

If anyone can enlighten me on what is going on I would be most appreciative


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I have the same issue. the support *bot* send me to secure state to see if the issue is stil there.



Do both of you have the May updated already on the phone? If so, you’re probably facing the same issue stated >here<. 

Some users state it helps to turn off the GPS in the Security and  Location Settings. 

As stated in the other topic, I forwarded this already to figure out what might be the problem, still I recommend to contact Customer support via the app or >here<.

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Replaced the SIM card with a new one from ee, so far only 1 restart that I know of in 3 days, will try the GPS solution, great phone just a shame it has this one hiccup, nice to know I'm not the only one with this issue, means it's not me causing the fault. Checked the update, but cannot find a May update, last one is the February one, if you can point me in the direction of where I should be looking that would be great.

Same issue here with the May Update. Without GPS there was better stability. Removing the SIM and Usingen a Hotspot i can use the Nokia without Problems. Hope to get a quick fix soon. Regards from Germany Chris

@user1526464659298 As you can read in other topics, EE is blocking updates.

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they have to fix it! i have the same issue.

You can fix it temporarily if you deactivate LTE and switch to 3G. 

update: I have security update February (EE not released any others yet), I have replaced phone and sim card but still my phone restarts, I have turned off GPS tracking but it still restarts, its only about once or twice a day so its liveable with but I have no idea if it will get worse as the phone gets older. My only assumption at the moment is that it is a software issue as everything else has been changed (also ran in safe mode and still restarted). I have also contacted customer care while I was having problems with the first phone, their solution was to replace it with CPW as it was less than 30 days old and it had the problem from day one. It would be great to know what the problem is

did you try my solution with turning of LTE and switch to 3G?

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ok, will run in 3G for a couple of days and see what happens (not sure what LTE is, think its the same as 4G, in the UK), switched it over last night, so far so good. Will post back in a couple of days

Yes LTE and 4G are the Same Thing LTE means Long therm Evolution and is 3 Gen of mobile Standards but widely known as 4G. LTE Advanced is real 4G
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