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Google pay

Hi folks, I want to install google pay on my device-Nokia 3-, but cant install just give notice "device not support". What should I do? Thanks

Tech Wizard

Hello,if you are on Android Oreo then Google Pay should be available to you by default without any need of installing anything. You can go to Settings-Connected devices-NFC. Then turn on the NFC. After that scroll down and you can find the Tap & pay option there. Enable this option to use Tap & Pay. Sorry I don't know if it was available for Nougat since I am using Oreo now. However you can try searching for 'Tap & pay' in the search bar above the setting app. Thank you.

Google pay is not available in all countries, you have to check if your country is supporting G pay, the G pay app is only available in supporting countries. Tap & pay is not Google pay, with tap & pay you can use many different apps not only Google pay, for example you can use PayPal. G pay is rolling out to more countries every year. Hope the info helped
@Wilson tap & pay is not Google pay it's only a cardless pay service, you can use many different pay apps with it not only G pay. Google pay is not supported in all countries you have to check if your country is supporting G pay. G pay app is only available in supporting countries but will come available almost all over the world in due time.

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Tech Wizard

Thank you for correcting my answer @Notiz. Yes you can use other services too with Tap & pay not just Google Pay. 

Sorry for commenting twice, my comments didn't show yesterday so I thought that it didn't worked.

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