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Camera Update - Coming soon!

So today, most of you would have been receiving the May security patch update (alone). A few would feel disappointed to not find the Pro camera update along with the security patch today. In order to reduce the chaos, our CPO, Mr. Juho Sarvikas has replied to a query by a user on Twitter. According to the reply, they're working on it for months and the entire Imaging framework needs to be overhauled in order to bring the pro mode with existing features such as the live bokeh. This is because, ulike other Nokia phones with Pro cam (Like the Nokia 7plus / 8 Sirocco) the Nokia 8 comes with a dual camera setup of a regular sensor coupled along with a MONOCHROME sensor. Currently, the Nokia 8 is the only device with such a setup hence, the whole imaging framework needs to be redesigned accordingly. Juho also assured that it looks good now and will update shortly. Hence, the update will be carried out as a separate one in the near future. So, please be a little more patient for a while. Coming soon..

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Just read about this too! Looking forward to it!

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Good news.

@user1508938037450, please read the house rules and only post in english so we can understand you.

This is true. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer.

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Hope it's true

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This is true by every means. And that's why our default camera app has never been updated, even after Oreo. Unlike the Nokia 6, 5, 7 whose apps have been updated after Oreo. In the case of Nokia 7, it's a single coloe sensor so the modification of camera framework for pro mode would be comparatively easy. Whereas for Nokia 8, the Live bokeh, twin/mono/color features should be implemented rightly in par with the Pro mode. Hence, it does take time to overhaul the framework. It will happen too soon... Time for us to rejoice soon!

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 Thank you. It is good to have a positive update. It's actually good to have an update of any kiind ;o)

The situation does however make me question the wisdom and necessity of specifiying the Nokia 8 with dual camera sensors if properly supporting them to gain any benefit is so difficult.

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Hello Dana, are you a staff with Nokia? Meanwhile, what stopped Sarvikas from giving out this information long ago instead of keeping us in the dark? Also, hope "shortly" as he said won't take weeks or days again? We have waited enough..

Hi Dana, do you know about geography of the roll out of the update?

Why I am asking is that Australia is left couples of months behind without update usally, we even don't have April security patch yet, I'm very keen to get this camera update but being realistic it is another long wait for us. There quite a few users complained about this problem and appreciate if this regional inequality can be solved.

Thank you

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Well, Mr. Juho planned to couple the update along with the Security patch this month. But unfortunately, it couldn't be done. And in order to reduce any further chaos, he could open up only after he was assured over the arrival of final stages of the framework modification. Hence, it won't take too long to update I suppose. HMD holds a Global event on 29th of this month in Russia. Huge possibilities are there that the team might announce about the update on the event. Or even sooner circumstances is also possible.
Hi Mr. Denis. I'm not quite sure about region specific circulation, if not as a whole, the update should reach every Nokia 8 user possibly regardless of the region though not at the same stretch. Just in case if it doesn't reach you, you can very well find manual .apk of the application on the forum. Cheers!

you can download and install the apk file for the camera update just google it and you will get it, t works very well and fast the only part not working is the live bokeh but its well worth installing, it basicy installs as an upgrade to defult camera

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user1508952666684 well but the current available apks doesn't make the pro mode accessible on the Nokia 8. So it's advised to kindly wait for the official update. Thank you.

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HI Dana I wanted to know if the new updated camera app will also improve the picture and video quality of my Nokia 8 or will it only provide the pro mode

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