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Camera Update - Coming soon!

So today, most of you would have been receiving the May security patch update (alone). A few would feel disappointed to not find the Pro camera update along with the security patch today. In order to reduce the chaos, our CPO, Mr. Juho Sarvikas has replied to a query by a user on Twitter. According to the reply, they're working on it for months and the entire Imaging framework needs to be overhauled in order to bring the pro mode with existing features such as the live bokeh. This is because, ulike other Nokia phones with Pro cam (Like the Nokia 7plus / 8 Sirocco) the Nokia 8 comes with a dual camera setup of a regular sensor coupled along with a MONOCHROME sensor. Currently, the Nokia 8 is the only device with such a setup hence, the whole imaging framework needs to be redesigned accordingly. Juho also assured that it looks good now and will update shortly. Hence, the update will be carried out as a separate one in the near future. So, please be a little more patient for a while. Coming soon..

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@Dana This is why I'm being patient because there are extensive changes to the supporting framework that need to be made to accommodate the features of the Nokia 8, that and I want a camera app that works first time every time rather than something rushed. 

As the Guinness ad states, good things come to those who wait.

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user1508952666684 yes obviously it should improve the picture and video quality to the maximum capabilities of the sensors. And with the addition of pro mode, you can manipulate the capture settings according to your desires.

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@Dana I'm looking forward to seeing what the Pro Camera can do on Android. As a W10M user the pro mode was excellent and gave SLR style control over every aspect of photo capture.

Terminusaquo: Yes! It was already a stellar in Windows phone 8 and remarked the best for professional photography freedom! We're glad to have it back on our new generation of Nokia android phones 

Out of curiosity, is the camera app separate to the OS so the update will be done over play store or will the update be done over the system update? 

@chi1701 I believe it's built into the OS unlike on W10M meaning that any fixes and new feature have to come via OS updates.

I am curious as to what relationship Dana has with HMD/Nokia, just for the validity of the information more than anything else.

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Thanks for an explanation why it was delayed. Monochrome camera...rarely we see an exact reason. Good.

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I can't wait. It is long overdue and will make our Nokia 8s awesome again.
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