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Camera issues fixed after may update?

How's everyones phone camera after the update? Is it still hanging? In the pro mode, or third party apps? Mine seems "better" but just want to confirm.

I had already 8.1.0 and had no problems with the camera. Today received the may update. Phone is responding better. Even Bluetooth is improved I think (my only problem). Did some connecting testing. No fails.

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good sign so far, still have a problem where Bluetooth devices don't show up in the quick settings Bluetooth tab, but otherwise fine. the camera was a major problem for me but it so far is working fine now

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I was in contact with Mobile Care concerning BT issues. They send me a list of BT modules an their version numbers to compare with the car's BT modules. Unfortunately I don't know how to find these numbers.
Yesterday I made lots of pictures/movies on my daughters wedding, no problems at all. That was before the update. It's only improving. Good to hear that you camera problem looks solved. 

Haven't tested the camera yet. This update fixed my Bluetooth issue with my garmin watch. It refused to reconnect when it got out of range once. Now it's working fine.

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 Update: while the camera is A LOT better with stability, it still hangs more than it should. Esp when pictures are taken when it doesnt get a clear focus. It hangs otherwise too still but much more rarely. Secondly, third party apps are less sluggish while using the camera, but still slower than i'd like. hoping for more improvements.

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