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Display Needs TO Be Replaced

Hi Team,

Kindly provide me the correct contact information for the service center where I can get my phones displayed changed. I visited the service center in Jayanagar 9th block and they really really really bad and they don't know how to speak to their customers. Also, I tried visiting other service center, but they were not available in the mentioned address. Also, my phone's performance has deteriorated drastically. Kindly assist me. 


Gopikrishna S P

Come to Kolkata, near Chandni chowk. Service centre is good. My phone had a scréen problem and they chnaged the whole dislplay. Make sure of any external damage. You can give a try.
@user1522129368909 Hi how much they charge you?
Nothing. It was under warranty...
I am coming to Kolkata by driving hope they do it within some hours.
No. I had to wait 4-5 days. If the display is handy you will get it in few hours. Best of luck.... Please let me know if your problem solved..
I got my friends phone in two days . Display replaced thanks . My local service center was charging 5500 previously
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