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System update 2.22a

Hi, System update 2.22a today. Size 441.37mb UI enhancement. Country France Carrier Bouygues Telecom


Seems like everyone hot it on different models, regions

just checked.. got the the update.. Indian variant here

Its just the May security patch

May 2018 security patch with dual sim standby volte support.

I got the update

"Trust face" come back but still no " Face unlock"

Hello from Vietnam

still no face unlock??
This update comes with Dual volte and face unlock.
Why there is no notification while downloading update? Anybody having this issue or its normal?

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It normal that it doesn't show notification while downloading the update.

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Poland here, I also reciving the update.

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just now installed the brings dual volte and trust face feature.Trust face is cant expect trust face in nokia 7 plus to function like one plus 5t...It is very slow..and we have to swipe the screen after unlocking by is hopeless in dim and low light situations...on the other hand dual volte just works fine

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Installed update, and now my mobile data isn't working at all.
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