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TA-1043 Android 8.1 Oreo update issue


I'm facing an issue with my new Nokia 6.1 Smartphone. After unboxing and during the first start and intial setup it attempted to perform an update. However, this failed after downloading the content (via WIFI) with the error message "couldn't update phone - Installation problem". Afterwards I performed the initial setup offline as there was no possibilty to skip the update whilst connected to WIFI. This worked out and I was able to finish the intial setup to get access to the OS. I re-connected to WIFI and forced the update via settings -> system etc. Unfortunately, same result but a bit more information - Android 8.1 Oreo update (V2.13B) update size 804MB. Today I tried again and appearently a new OTA update has been released - Android 8.1 Oreo update (V2.22) - slight hope that my issue is fixed with this release, but same isse again! :-(

I had a chat with Nokia Mobile Care support but this was not fruitful at all.

I can't rule out a general issue with the phone but would like to explore other options before I return it.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?

Thanks in advance.

Try a hardware reset. Google for 'hardware reset nokia 6 2018'


When I try this I see the green Android robot with the message "no command" without any chance to select a parameter



I understand you don't see the options shown in the pictures on this site

Another site is
There are tech specialists

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