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Android P beta launch

All the people who are interested to know or have information about Android P beta for Nokia 3 are welcome :^)

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Although I am very happy with the upgrades, I would like the latest Android p...
I hope Nokia 3 gets both 8.1 n P update also

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Sorry, Nokia phones Android developer previews are not currently supported on your phone. This message I see when I do register! Why? TA 1020----Greece


Hi argy, 

because the Android developer preview is available only for Nokia 7 Plus so far (more information on the Dev. Preview >here<) 



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Users of Nokia 3 will get android 8.1.0 first in this June month, And then after android P will get this year later

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@Appu Mali is the 8.1 update in June confirmed or just speculation?
@Notiz confirmed oreo 8.1.0 update will available for Nokia 3 alongside with Nokia 2,

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That's great
@Laura - Moderator Thank you very much for your immediate response!
will this update 8.1 resolve volte issue in this device .
@Appu Mali the link doesn't work for me

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@Appu Mali And for me!!!!
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