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Proximity sensor

Hi I've bought Nokia 7 plus from Amazon and received it on 15th may, it came loaded with Android 8.1 April patch. I'm facing a problem with the proximity sensor. it fails to turn off the display when i pick a call or dial a call. this results into many disturbance. I'm not able to figure out whether it's a hardware problem or a software problem. Help me out with the same.

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Hi did you have any luck getting this resolved? Also any luck using dual aim or fm radio as advertised???
Dual sim even - bloody auto correct

 Same problem TA-1046. Seem to be a software problem because proximity sensor seem to work on phone tester app or hidden menu.

May update didn't resolve the problem.

Good to hear others are still having problems... Unfortunately with mine TA-1055 i think mine is hardware. Tester software doesn't work on mine. Tried with 3 apps. I tried another Nokia in a phone shop also TA-1055 running on android 8.0.0 with an update till the 1st of February and that worked like a dream covering the Sensor during a call... Either a refund im gonna take and get something else or send this off for repair 8 days into owning it...
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