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Laura hope "SHORTLY" as announced by Sarvikas doesn't mean we should wait till June security release? No retreat until we receive the Pro Camera update

Hello Laura, yesterday Sarvikas announced via a reply to a tweet by a Nokia 8 user that the total overhauling of the camera framework of Nokia 8 took longer than anticipated and that was the cause of the delay in the release of the Pro Camera App for the Nokia 8 device. On a positive note, he further said that everything now look fine and that the camera will be updated SHORTLY. What stopped Mr. Sarvikas and Nokia from giving out such information long ago instead of keeping us in the dark? If everything now look fine as he said why didn't Nokia push the camera update with May Security Patch? Hope "shortly" as Sarvikas said won't take weeks or days again and hope we won't wait till June Security update release? We have waited enough and won't rest on demanding for the Pro Camera App rapidly till will receive the update. We need the update now!

Blimey some people are never happy, you sound like a child demanding sweets.

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@MrBelter you never believed from onset that the Pro Camera App will be better than the Google Camera so I won't blame you attacking any post demanding for Pro Camera App update. I also suspect that you are not even a Nokia fan or user but you are here to cause confusion and give unnecessary advise.. By the way, I and other users have every right to demand urgent release of the Pro Camera App. Since December what we always hear is that the update will come soon so you shouldn't blame me if I tell Laura that the "SHORTLY" announced by Sarvikas shouldn't take long again because if everything is actually now fine as he said why didn't Nokia push it together with May Security Patch Update as it happened on Nokia 7? Nokia has given us reason to always doubt them because nothing prevented them from telling us about the overhauling of the entire framework long ago and if their soon can take months without coming to fulfillment, their shortly can also take months but we hope the shortly announced by Sarvikas yesterday will be very shortly this time.

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And yet even after they have said it is coming, given the Nokia 8 community a wholly reasonable explanation as to why it has been delayed and you still aren't happy. What more do you want from them, it is clear they have been working on it and a fully reworked app is on the way.

I fully agree the camera needs sorting out and I'll admit i would rather use the default Nokia camera app than having to side load an app someone has created but kicking and screaming on here wont achieve anything, it wont make it appear any faster.

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@MrBelter I'm with you. I'm at the point where I wonder if there's any point reading this forum any more. I'm sick to death of people whining over something that none of us have control over. The app could be better, certainly, and HMD have acknowledged that but people still aren't happy. In my view, the camera itself is perfectly fine. There are tons of 3rd part apps available if people want them.

I suspect HMD could have offered everybody a free holiday in the Bahamas, and the replies would have been full of people moaning that the camera isn't good enough to enjoy it properly.

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See, HMD is doing more than its necessary to make Nokia 8 a good phone to keep. Look at people who have Moto G5s, they haven't received even the December update while we have the May update. And Mr Sarvikas being fair, has explained why its taken so long to bring Pro cam onto Nokia 8. He didn't have to. Like explained above, the existing camera is actually good, so much that even though I have Open Camera installed, I usually use the native camera because it can get the job done in a simpler way. Please, be courteous and not demanding, you will not get anywhere.

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Thankyou for your efforts, it's great to be getting some feedback.

I agree fully with Migs & Guru.

People need to do a bit of research before buying, there are plenty of reviews of the Nokia 8 online. You wouldn't take a new car back and demand a (free) bigger motor because it doesn't go fast enough for you.

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Hello @Guru, I will like to let you know that I and every user of Nokia 8 has the right to demand from Nokia when performance of its device goes soar. Also, saying we can't get Nokia services elsewhere is indeed ridiculous because I decided to buy Nokia because of the outstanding qualities it has been known for. If Nokia derails from any of those qualities I and other customers of the brand has the right to demand for better and ask questions. I purchased Nokia 8 with the hope of getting the best of camera due to Zeiss Lenses that the brand used on the device so if the camera performs below expectation it is our right to demand for the better because we purchased the device with our hard earned money. @J44LH I made proper review before buying and by the standard of the device camera lenses, the camera should be outstanding and since it is performing below expectation, it is our right to demand for the better and ask questions. Also, HMD has the responsibility of informing customers on why any part of its products performs below expectations. Keeping us in the dark isn't right. If not for us (customers), there will be nothing like HMD or Nokia therefore the brand has the responsibility of treating us with due respect. Therefore, I demand for a Pro Camera App update soonest. Hopeful it won't take days, weeks or months again because we have waited a lot and four months are enough to overhauling the image framework if HMD took it very serious. We have been waiting for the camera update since December 2017 and today is May 17 2018 which is over four months. Enough of the delay!
@conqueror..guess you didn't get my point. You can demand all you want, Nokia is under no legal compulsion to meet it once the minimum working requirements of the device are met. You can only ask nicely. Being a brat doesn't get you anywhere.

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Hi everyone, 

Thanks for a nice discussion here and a fair exchange of opinions. Little contribution from my side. 

@conqueror: I know that you and so many other users have been waiting for this app patently and I know you all are really longing for this. I don’t have any information on when the release of the camera update is happening, but as Juho said in his tweet it looks good and I guess it is just some fine-tuning left to give you a camera app as good as you want it to have. I’m not involved in the development  only thing I can do is reading all your entries and giving your feedback and wishes to people who are responsible. So, all I can ask again is please have a  little more patience. It is on our agenda, we are working on it and will soon  give you your long-desired update.  

What people might forget sometimes is that HMD is now a bit more than one year old. Although working globally, compared to companies like Apple, Samsung and so on we are still quite small and processes are not always as smooth as compared to these companies. This includes making mistakes, might it be in the development, customer  support or communication. But we’re learning from those mistakes and try to improve as much as we can, but this also takes time. Thanks to our loyal Nokia Fans out there who give us feedback and help us improve I think we already reached a lot. In return we do our best to offer you an awesome Nokia experience.

Keep the  discussions going and have a great day, 


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Nice to see i am not alone in thinking HMD are doing a good job. I have had my Nokia 8 for 7 months and it has been supported magnificently so far, support for it has been every bit as good as what it was for my Nexus 4 and 5. Best thing is the Nexus 5 had a terrible camera and people were not making silly demands and stomping there feet about it.

As i have said in previous posts my wife's Moto G5 Plus is still on Android 7.0 just like the day it was when it was first turned on and the phone is now a year old, it is the same age as HMD and just look at what HMD have managed in that year where as Moto couldn't even update one of their most popular phones!

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Very true, look at all those Chinese phones which never gets an update once it of the factory floor. HMD has been true to the Nokia brand so far.

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Personally, I would rather HMD roll out a fully working Pro Camera app and framework rather than rush it out and have masses of complaints about it not working on here.

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@Terminusaquo Absolutely, you have hit the nail right on the head.

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Ok Laura... Thanks for that decent response unlike some who thought there is no reason for a customer to be angry. Kindly inform Sarvikas to always keep us informed instead of keeping us in the dark. Believe me, if HMD rolled out all these information you and Sarvikas have disclosed since, customers won't have reason to be very angry. Waiting for the Goodnews.. Cheers
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