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Why worst phone ever for me?

Issue with my 3 days old nokia 8 phone 1.overpriced-u can buy same features in low price phons. 2.bad battery backup.drain fast 3.Open closed tab without touch.even call itself sometime 4.flagship phone and camera quality not even stand with price. Bad in dark. Bokah mode bluff. 4k bluff. If customers give you a second chance for come back. Then make it worth. Cause they have lots of choice now.

1. So why didn't you?

2. Not here. Admittedly it hasn't done much today apart from a bit of Twitter and some emails but, after 5 hours, it's still at 96%

3. If true, you need to return it

4. The app could be better, certainly. What do you mean by "bluff"? You mean fake? Proof?

Fake post, I suspect

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1 I did cause once I used to nokia user Without complaining . 2 after 5 hr it was 15% just checking mails. 3. How could I return it? Same thing happened in noon too at my work. 4. For me bluff mean just too much publicity but less expectations fulfill. Not fake just a off mood user

So you blindly bought an item for several hundred dollars without checking it out first? Loyal customer or not, that is all on you.

How can you not return it? A faulty phone is covered by warranty

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835 processor Latest Oreo update Zeiss cam Speaker mic Metallic design Hmd Headphones battery 3000+ mah batt back Cool this cool those cool that. They show off. I think it's good to buy such phone. Bu5 Adv and reality are different
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