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Still no Oreo update South Africa

It has been a month now since rollout and I still don't have the update to Oreo and still on March security update. Its getting disappointing now, suppose to be always up to date Nokia phone. Its almost June and no sign of an update.

Same here in the UK, Nokia support couldn't tell me this morning when it will arrive, just the standard line about it is a Global roll-out, blah blah blah

Yeah, really annoying. It's been a month since rollout. I would like to know a date when it's coming, rather than be patient response from Nokia.

Global rollouts are done based on IMEI which is why they cannot give you an exact date and time down to the millisecond as to when you will get an update. Not only that but carriers can, apparently, block updates even for unlocked devices.

Tech Wizard

Hello @Terminusaquo, great answer. You explained it very well. But still I feel it's really annoying for other users who still hasn't received the Official Oreo Update. If Nokia could do something about this they shouldn't stay put. Thank you.

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I don't doubt that, my mum has the Nokia 3 and it hasn't seen a security update since March let alone Android 8.1

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I also found out that Android 7.1 has a bug in the update mechanism, this isn't a Nokia issue BTW but a base Android system issue, where you check for updates and it says there are none available even though they are on the server for download.

Have you noticed how checking for updates sometimes takes a lot longer than it should?

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Tech Wizard

Hello,  @Terminusaquo but I think this bug has been fixed already by Google through major Security patch. However, I don't remember which security patch fixed this. I think this bug was rather fixed with a update in Google Play Services. I really can't remember. :)

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Getting update now. Thank you Nokia.
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