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Post May secuity patch update (Wifi)

 After updating my Nokia 6.1, I have found an issue with wifi connectivity range has been dropped. only after updating I found such issue. my wifi router is on the first floor. Before the update, I can receive wifi signal normally but it is hard now.

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I have very similar issues. Wifi range has significantly reduced and data download rate has gone down significantly too. Any help in this regard please?

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I'm also experiencing the same issue. The range of WiFi has been reduced.
I also have the same problem. After updating the phone with the May security patch.

Strange, I had 47% signal-strength. After the update still 47% (same location in the house). TA-1053 on 5Ghz 

 Mine is TA-1089 ... I think it is due to the bugs in the latest update better go to service center.

I do not have an issue with the range. However, my WiFi goes to sleep mode when the screen is off. Because of this, I do not receive any notifications about emails, facebook,etc. Does anybody have this issue?

Same issue as after i updated to 8.1 before it was working fine now i have to stand near to the Wifi Router to get it connected.. hope they solve this soon

I am also facing the same issue. I am having TA-1089. After the May 2018 update the Wi-Fi range has dropped drastically. 

The Android Security Bulletin for May 2018 ( shows the WLAN component receiving many vulnerability fixes. I guess some of the fixes might have caused the issue. 

Hope this is resolved soon.

Same issue for me also....wifi connection not working properly... Please fix this asap.
I went to service centre they flashed the February security patch ... Now its working fine ... Note : immediately you should stop automatic update
same issue , device Ta-1089. wifi connectivity very poor and no internet. refuses to connect to any router. please fix this asap. also how to roll back to april update without loosing data
Go and meet service centre they will safely flash your device ... Its better option rather than you yourself doing such process

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Same issues do something I think wring decision taking this mobile
There Is nothing wrong with mobile ... Problem is with android one updates