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Bluetooth Connection Issue - Sync Contact

I am having problem syncing my contacts with my car audio. The a bluetooth connection will get disconnected while syncing halfway. The problem still persist after the recent V2.22A update. I tried removing and re-adding the pairing but the problem remains. I do not have issues syncing contact with my other phone (Huawei Mate 9).

Another problem I have is that music playback via bluetooth is jittery. Sometimes the music will "pause" and continue back like if the connection is poor. This happen very frequently. I have this problem with my car audio and my home theater.

Prior to V2.22A update, I have had issue with the phone switching off bluetooth on its own while not connected to anything. Also, while streaming music through bluetooth, the wifi speed will get very slow. This happened only while connected to certain device. Not related to bluetooth but, there is also a problem of the phone switching to "Do Not Disturb" mode for no apparent reason. I really hope V2.22A addresses some of these problems but for sure it did not solve the contact syncing.

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