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Please fix audio recording for 3rd party apps

The ozo recording feature is cool, but it only works for the nokia camera app. If I use snapchat or a modded camera app, the audio is distorted or very low when playing back recorded video. This is such a big issue that needs fixed I  believe.

I have nokia 7 plus but believe this affects all nokia phones that use ozo audio

Thinking of selling my phone because of this. What worries me is why it has not been addressed yet by Nokia

Is it something they are working on ?

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I don't understand why the OZO Audio API isn't set as the standard audio API in HMD phones. I've also had some problems with recording audio in other apps (Firefox) and it's not clear what the reason is.

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Is there a way of app programmers accessing the ozo API? I've been in touch with one developer and I'm sure he'd code it in to his recording app if he knew how to. The current algorithm does some very odd audio distortion which changes as time progresses.
Presumably the Nokia video app just invokes a function call that any programmer could use?

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Yes it probably does, but since it's not the standard function call this means 99%+ apps won't use it, because the number of HMD smartphones in use is still minute.

HMD should just make the standard Android function use their hardware properly.

I had an email reply from Ozo Sales today. I had contacted them via the Ozo website that was advertising the Nokia 8. Not good news: Hi Mark, OZO Audio function on the Nokia 8 is only for native camera video recording function and not open to 3rd party applications. Please contact mobile phone division for any further questions and support. Regards, OZO Sales

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Thanks for the update Mark, that's disappointing to hear. I think our best chance to make a lot of noise about this issue and hopefully HMD will provide this API in a future update.

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