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Camera and headphones bugs after Oreo v2.22A and May patches update


I've just installed the new update but I'm stuck with a couple of problems.

1) The camera app has some issues when using the front camera. The round button for taking pictures doesn't work (only it, if I touch it nothing happens) so pictures are not taken, and other times it seems like the pictures are taken (I hear the sound), but they don't appear in the gallery

2) Most of my headphones stopped being recognised by the phone. The phone seems to recognise them, but only for a few seconds. After that the music is played by the bottom speaker, even if the headphones are connected. Only Nokia headphones work.

Has someone encountered these bugs?


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 i haven't tried other headphones but there are many other bugs.. like the fast charging stopped. It takes 2.5 hrs for full charge. Phone only shows charging and not charging rapidly. Also from April update there are problems like some app not working on broadband wifi but works fine on mobile data. For example uber does not work on broadband or fiber optic wifi . Yahoo mails cant syn on wifi nor can you open a new account. I had posted these problems i faced earlier also but no response from Nokia and i guess they also took down my post.

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I was able to take a lot of pics yesterday without issues but today I noticed that fast charging has truly stopped.

You charging issue is there.

ad 1. i have TA-1046 with 2.22 update and Camera (also front) work without problem, capture using onscreen button and/or VolumeUp or VolumeDown button working, in Photo (because gallery is not preinstalled) is all captured photo present...

I have exactly the same problem. Can anyone help? Nokia? I bought this handset yesterday and faced this issue right away.
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