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Icici debit card cashback

I pre ordered the nokia 7 plus from nokia site using my icici debit card and got delivered on 4th may..but till now havent received the cashback...and the customer care keeps telling me that wait wait and wait..its a fraud with its been more than 10 days and i havent received the cashback

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Hi, I ordered in on Amazon. As per T&C it will be credited to account on 15th Aug.

Yes even I am facing the same problem, haven't received any cashback yet, n the customer care is not answering properly

Did You Read Those T&C Mentioned Below The Offer ?? It Can Take Upto 30-90 Days From Your Date Of Purchase .

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Hi, I ordered in on Amazon. As per T&C it will be credited to account on 15th Aug.

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 Its August now, lets wait till 15th Aug and see. Still haven't got the cashback. Any one receive the cashback yet??


I got confirmation sms from Amazon, saying it will be credited 15th Aug. Will confirm, once I receive it.


Ordered on 20th April from Nokia website.No comments on the cashback by Nokia.

Today is 15th of August. Can anyone please confirm whether they received their cash back or not?
I can't check mine since I purchased with my friend's card.

Can anyone confirm they have received the Cashback.
I have not received it till date. As per the terms & Condition, it should have received by 15th of August.

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Same with me i didn't get cashback
I have an update on this. Connected with the ICICI bank representative, they confirmed cashback will be processed in the respective account when the 90 days are over. For mine they confirmed it will ne get over in the last week of August and it will be processed then. Will wait for more 2 weeks

Hi Everyone,

Today I got the cashback. I purchased the phone through Amazon on 4th May.


Hi Everyone, Today I got the cash back. I bought the phone on Amazon on 4th May. Thanks
Nokia chat customer care, ICICI bank are playing football on this serious issue. I am following up with them since 15th of August 2018. ICICI bank is having "we don't give damn about your cashback and concern" attitude. Nokia customer service is clueless and keep on asking to contact the ICICI bank. I am telling this cashback system is itself a scam. If you can give cashback, then do give instant discount. Why customers should keep on worrying about their rightful money.
anyone got cash back from ICICI??

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