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RE: Light (Message) Notifier

Hi folks,

This is my first post to date now.

I am sure that, on my old Nokia handset (Lumia 735), when a new message (text/email) arrived the camera light on the front-side pulsated (until the new messages were read). I would only assume that this would also be a function on my new Nokia-3 handset. But it appears that this is not the case?

Clarification would be appreciated.



btw - how do I edit my profile please? Is there a UCP? I would like to add an avatar. Thanks.

Tech Wizard

Hello Paul, sorry to tell you but Nokia 3 doesn't have a Notification LED function like the old Lumia 735. In fact Nokia hasn't launched any device with this function until now. Even the flagship devices like Nokia 8 doesn't have this feature. A lot of users are annoyed by this. Me personally, its not an issue for me. For the profile, you can tap the drop down button on top of the website and tap Edit Profile. However, there is no option for Avatars but you can add a picture if you like. Thank you.

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Hi Wilson,

Well you know, the EE sales assistant assured me that the Nokia-3 did everything, plus more, which my old Nokia Lumia 735 could do. And I had no reason to doubt her. As I am finding out on a daily basis (post-sales), this is clearly not the case!

Why on earth this feature has been dropped is beyond me?




OK, cheers. I will try and upload a regular JPeg image.


Tech Wizard

You're welcome Paul. :)

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Yes, the photo is showing!


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@monsterjazzlicks HMD Nokia didn't drop this feature, they never had this feature. HMD Nokia and Nokia Lumia is made by 2 different manufacturer's. Perhaps this feature will come when they release 2019 phone's but I don't mind the absence of this feature.

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Hello Notiz,

I was not aware that HMD Nokia and Nokia Lumia were made by 2 different manufacturer's. 

In any event, it is something I really miss since changing from Lumia to Nokia-3. It seems I am in the minority here, but that's how I feel about such an absence


Okej HMD global ownes the rights to use Nokia name for their phone's. Yeah we all miss something with these Nokia phone's, for me it's the ability to take a fast photo like i could on my Huawei p8 by pressing volume down twice.


If it were possible, I would delete the camera app.  I have only taken less than 5 photos in 15 years!

Everyone has different needs.


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