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Slow charging

After last update I notice that when user is using the mobile the charging becomes quite slow. Rapid charging is on when user is not using it. I understand its good. But the speed of charging when u r working is quite slow. Is it intentional or any bug?

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Its done intentionally to reduce heating of the phone.
While using it takes 3.5 hrs to fully charge.. i guess we can drop it to 2.5 hrs.. i hope Nokia can balance the heating and charging speed
Did you notice that after the latest update if you look at the lockscreen while the charger is connected, it would show "charging" and then "charging rapidly" and this keeps moving.

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absolutely.. it seems only after screen is locked, it enables rapid charging.. so when u r playing with ur mobile on charging it ll be a normal charging with ma up to 1 amps ... which i tested.. 

Yup. That seems to be the behaviour. It's definitely done to reduce the heating.
I am facing the same thing after the update.. Is it really because of the update? I thought that I am having a charger problem. Btw does anyone feel like? Battery draining a bit faster now?
I use single sim .. i m a heavy user getting..5 to 6 hours of SOT with 4G and outdoor use.. pls note if u use dual 4G with dual sim.. on mobile network will have 5hr of SOT ... On wifi i get 6 to 7 hrs of SOT... So no draining issue for me.. u shud check the apps consuming and enable sleeping of apps in background (Battery menu)
This problem also happen to me. Charging speed getting very slow after may security patch update.
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