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Navigation bar stops working immediately

Hi, I already contacted the support, but they couldn't help me with my problem.

So I bought a Nokia 8 four weeks ago and just a few days after the navigation bar (the 3 "buttons") immediately stopped to respond. Everything else was fine, just the lower part with the buttons didn't respond when I touched it. But also immediately it worked again. This happened about 12 times until today. As a consequence I can't really use the phone because I can't get back to the menu... 

I already tried:

- Re-start -> doesn't work

- the support told me to try the "secure mode" (don't know the exact word in English) to find out if an app was the problem -> but there was also no response in this mode.

An important information may be that there was an update from Android 7 to Android 8.1.0 just after the purchase. I also searched for an answer in the settings but didn't find anything.

Maybe somebody has/had the same problem and can help me. Otherwise I'll have to change it. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance!

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