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Android Auto problem

I bought a Nokia 3 and updated to Android 8.0 already. But when I try to connect Android Auto on my 2017 VW Sharan, the phone reboot automatically and can not be used on my car,

Does anyone have same problem? Any solution?

Thank you.

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I also bought a nokia 3 a few days ago, i try to connect my phone to a 2017 VW Beetle and what a surprise... waiting for connect the nokia 3 reboots and this happens every time i try to connect... check in several forums all they have the same fault and there is not solution. when trying to connect with other cell phones these can connect without problem :0 !!!... what a pity :( ... i´m going to have to say goodbye my nokia 3 and i think i´ll never buy one [nokia] again.

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