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I am not a Nokia fan or something, but here's my honest opinion after 2 weeks of usage- 1. The battery is phenomenal. It easily lasts me about 1.5 days of charge with moderate usage and 1 day of charge with heavy usage.( I play about 6-8 games of PUBG everyday) 2. There were some software issue like while typing there was slight lag in the letters to be displayed that were pressed; the fingerprint scanner was very fast but there was half a second lag for the screen to come up after that but this lag is not there when the screen is on and the fingerprint scanner is hit. 3. The overall performance of the phone is very good, there were no lags while playing games or in opening any applications. 4. I am not much of a photo centric person but whatever photos i took came out pretty good. Although at night in low lighting conditions the photos were not well lit. Also there is no OIS support, i would appreciate it if Nokia brings it through updates. 5. I very much appreciate the effort of nokia in giving a ceramic coating at the back but please change it because it takes a lot of fingerprint smudges. The phone feels good and by the looks, oh you beauty. So all in all, nothing is perfect but i am very happy with it.
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OIS means optical image stabilisation and that's a hardware feature. Therefore, it can't be provided through updates. There is EIS which is electronic image stabilisation and that's present for videos upto 1080p.
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