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Addition of FM Radio in Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia should add FM radio in the Nokia 7 Plus in it via update as it is very frequently used by people in India especially by students . FM radio is present usually in all the smartphones in India and Nokia should also add it via update

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Spain +1

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China +1

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We required FM radio , Nokia is peoples brand, please prove .

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FM radio plays vital role in disaster management .Hence request you to activate the same. Country like India cellular networks are not stable due to diversified geography and changing infra frequently . If Nokia needs additional cost for that , I am ready to pay .

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 +1 for FM Radio. I actually bought the phone because multiple websites initially claimed it had an FM radio. It would be great if Nokia enabled this with an update if the phone has a radio chip.

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FM Radio (offline) is the must! Nokia, do something at least!

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