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Fingerprint gestures

Yesterday I got a new update (May security-patch), and I saw face-unlock is back after it disappeared when I got update to Oreo 8.1. But now the fingerprint gestures disappeared. You can only see notification with fingerprint, when you go down. But the option to go home (keep pressing on fingerprint) or recent apps (swipe from left to right on fingerprint) does not work anymore. I can't find it back in the settings anymore. Will this come back? Grtz Nico

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PLEASE bring this feature back to us !!! It was so convenient & a real standalone proposition.

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Yes! Bring it back.

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Face unlock option is there under smartlock in may patch.. finger print gestures are enabled by default.. i checked.. it works for me..
I know face unlock is back after it disappeared with Oreo 8.1 update. But fingerprint gestures are gone (home-option en recent apps-option). Only gesture working with fingerprint is seeing notification when sliding down.

This was an awesome feature! I'd like to see it again.

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Hi Laura, will you guys be bringing this feature back???
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