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Bluetooth Audio Codecs

I am trying to find out what Bluetooth Audio Codecs the Nokia 7 plus supports so I can pair a compatible pair of headphones to the phone. I have looked for this information but haven't found anywhere this is mentioned. Can someone advise?

In developer options, the mentioned codecs are Aac, ldac, aptx, aptx hd, sbc.
Thanks Puneet. Where can I find this information?
You can search on Google about it. Also, check out xda forum of Nokia 7 plus. There's some misleading info whether or not it supports it. Also, you can chat with the Nokia support for more clear info.
I have asked the Nokia chat support and they have been unable to give me any information on Bluetooth audio codecs this phone supports. We need official information from nokia of what audio codecs this phone supports, it should be fairly easy information to find?
It should've been easy but don't know why support staff isn't able to tell you that. Also, even though the codecs option is present in the developer options, I don't think it works. People on xda forums have reported that it doesn't work. Unfortunately, I don't have any bluetooth earphones otherwise I would have told you the supported codecs.
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