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Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect

I dont understand how a product can be sold without testing. After buying the device on the second day the device stops to connect to the wifi. I have to literally sit next to the router to get the wifi to work. And all the tech support said is visit the service center. At least do some troubleshooting.

Anyone here faced this issue or have any suggestions?

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Hi  everyone, 

Yes, we started rolling out a patch for the Wi-Fi issue about an hour ago. It should arrive everywhere within the next 3 days. 

Please check your phones :) 

Have a nice day, 


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Yes same issue after i updated to Orio 8.1, before it was working fine

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Even I had the same problem. It is because of the latest update May security patch. I think it has a problem WiFi connectivity issue.. Go to near service centre . there is nothing wrong with mobile it is just because of the bad update

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I had same problem, worst idea to go for Nokia, first experince.

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The funny part is I waited for this model for more than 4 months. Feel like I should have gone for Moto like my previous phone.

Nokia did nothing ... Android one should give proper update

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I'm facing the same issue. WiFi was good before the update but now I just can't connect. Tried Factory Reset but this doesn't wipe the update. Nokia should fix this bug as soon as possible. Otherwise, the phone is good.

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I am in the same boat. Not able to connect to WIFI. And I badly need this issue fixed yesterday. This update has literally rendered my phone useless. Nokia, are you listening. Kindly immediately release a fix. If that is not possible right now, show us a way to roll back to the previous version by releasing a new version with the old functionality. But please do it ASAP. Thank You.

Exact same issue, just got this phone 5 days back. 

The only way WiFi works fine is when you sit next to the Router. If you go few steps away, it immediately shows connection "Saved" "Connected, no Internet" etc. 

My old Samsung S4 just works fine, so definitely not the Router range etc. I guess the new Security Update has led to this. 

Nokia has to react soon to this and provide solution, I have logged a ticket to see what they have to say,

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Dude , i had the same issue ... Then i contacted service centre . They flashed my mobile to feb patch. After i didn't found any Wi-Fi Connecticut issue. But i forgotten to pause the update. Again may update is downloaded, it needs to restart to update tge phone may update. And i did it by tooking a chance. Then it is confirmed that there is a bug in may security patch update. So again i went to service centre and gave a complaint about the situation. They again flashed me feb update. Now my phone is fine. But its 8.0.0 :( ... I'm really waiting for an update to use 8.1.0 normally ..... Feb patch is fine
Sorry for spelling mistake it's because of automatic mode
From the time I've updated ... Phone doesn't get connected to WiFi . Please fix this problem .

This is not an issue with the May patch. It is the issue with the alterations made by Nokia before releasing the patch. I have the May patch on my OP5t and things seem to be working just fine. 

Nokia team - request you to please attend to this issue on priority as the phone is virtually unusable on Wifi. Either release a patch or provide a way to roll back to the April patch

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Hi Nokia Team,

Please address the issue on urgent basis. I had contacted multiple times with your support team but not getting any positive response. Day by day this issue became a critical one. Already a lot of users complain on this.
Need quick action on this.

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Yes..after may patch update...I am facing WiFi PBM...pls solve this problem
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