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Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect

I dont understand how a product can be sold without testing. After buying the device on the second day the device stops to connect to the wifi. I have to literally sit next to the router to get the wifi to work. And all the tech support said is visit the service center. At least do some troubleshooting.

Anyone here faced this issue or have any suggestions?

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Hi  everyone, 

Yes, we started rolling out a patch for the Wi-Fi issue about an hour ago. It should arrive everywhere within the next 3 days. 

Please check your phones :) 

Have a nice day, 


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I'm in Holland having wifi internet connection issues. Last update I received is the may security update but not the patch for this issue. Does this still has to be released in the Netherlands?

Thank you!

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Im still facing the issue with Nokia 6.1. Model TA1089.  I had a chat with Nokia support and even the official support is clueless as when we receive a fix or we receive June security update. As per official page the update is not released for Nokia 6.1 (though it is released to Nokia 6)

I hardly used this mobile for a month and for more than a month I'm struggling with wifi issues. I contacted Nokia in twitter , not even a response from them. I really regret buying this mobile. When it's Nokia and you pay extra money to get great support but in reality Nokia proved they are same as other local brands.

I'm happy to sell my Nokia 6.1, I lost my trust and confidence in Nokia. This will be my last mobile with Nokia and I will never recommend to anyone. If anybody interested you can reach me, I would like to sell it for cheaper price as well.


Am also facing Wifi problem on my nokia 6.1..after May security update can't find 5Ghz plz

I have a nokia ta-1050, in the uk, and it still has huge issues with wifi after may update. The fix has not been pushed in the uk, but only in india. This is unacceptable from HMD. Could you at least answer something, we are still many people facing issues in Europe with this variant. Thanks

That's not true. A lot of people received the update in Europe. It's probably you provider. EE?

Thanks MaxH I am in O2 in the UK, and the last update I have received is the 8.1 oreo with May SP, about 1 month ago (TA-1050), with all the wifi issues I do not get what is the point of android one, if I get updates 1 month later (compared to other variants of the same model). And I am still unable to get decent wifi.
I reset my network settings and it works great for me now. Maybe this method will help you.
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