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Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect

I dont understand how a product can be sold without testing. After buying the device on the second day the device stops to connect to the wifi. I have to literally sit next to the router to get the wifi to work. And all the tech support said is visit the service center. At least do some troubleshooting.

Anyone here faced this issue or have any suggestions?

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Hi  everyone, 

Yes, we started rolling out a patch for the Wi-Fi issue about an hour ago. It should arrive everywhere within the next 3 days. 

Please check your phones :) 

Have a nice day, 


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 Thanks for the Effort hmd. I installed update yesterday TA-1089 . Its working Normal.

Hi Laura... I installed the update yesterday and till now no WiFi issue. Thank you... With best regards Monjit

After some eighteen days, smiles are back on us -  Nokia loyalists. Yeah, thank you HMD and Laura. The WIFI issue is resolved and my Nokia 6.1 is getting good signal - 12/15Mbps @ some 12 meters after two walls. When the issue was there I was getting 0.2 Mbps!


Hi  everyone, 

Thanks for the feedback. 

Really great to hear that it is working now they way it should and thanks again for all your patience. 

Best regards,  


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Device is stable now. Wi-Fi connectivity back to normal. Thanks Laura & Nokia/HMD team . Hope we will get June Android Security update soon.


is this being rolled out for Nokia 6 too? I have the same issue on a Nokia 6.


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@Lorenzo, Not sure about that but hope they will do so if there's an issue.
Please Laura, could you confirm that the fix is global? I am in the UK, and the problem with WiFi is huge. Thanks
I am ok now with the update of Monday. WiFi is Woking normally now. But felt that the handset is getting heated. Also battery is draining. Thanks to Laura and HMD.

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Yes. I also notice, after the update WiFi issue is fixed but battery issue arise. Now, battery drain more quickly. This update degrade the battery performance. Why Nokia?? Are you facing this battery issue too ?
Laura, can you please confirm if the fix is released everywhere?? I am based out of Maurice and haven’t received anything update.
I own a Nokia 6 model TA-1021. Received the June security update, and did not fix anything. WiFi connectivity is still horrible, constant turning on/off of wifi. What do I/we have to do for Nokia to take their customers seriously? I recommended Nokia to friends and family. Now I believe I've made a grave mistake doing so. I will continue to believe such until Nokia finds an apt solution for this.

I apologize if this post seems out of place. But for those who own the older Nokia 6 with the same issues, I opened a topic under Nokia 6- Hope you guys can check it out and upvote so we too, can get our phones fixed. 

After the latest update, the wifi is working wonderfully

Phone heats up a bit 

When is the June update coming up 

I am also facing same issue, while hotspot is on trying to connect Nokia 6.1 wifi signals are very week even 10 feet distance not able to access wifi.
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