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Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect

I dont understand how a product can be sold without testing. After buying the device on the second day the device stops to connect to the wifi. I have to literally sit next to the router to get the wifi to work. And all the tech support said is visit the service center. At least do some troubleshooting.

Anyone here faced this issue or have any suggestions?

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Hi  everyone, 

Yes, we started rolling out a patch for the Wi-Fi issue about an hour ago. It should arrive everywhere within the next 3 days. 

Please check your phones :) 

Have a nice day, 


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Nokia 6 from my wifi has wifi issues. Sometimes at home it doesn't connect. I dont have this problem with my Nokia 6.1.. is there a Fix???. And dont give me te reset story, I did that allready and wiping cache does not solve this.

connection issues when using wifi (connection frequently interrupts, e.g. whatsapp frequently shows "reconnecting"). 

mobile network without problem. 

my old nexus 5 works without problem in the same network

how is it is possible that this issue has still not been fixed? wifi is an essential feature for a smartphone.

This issue was fixed in previous month update but it started again, I am also facing frequent disconnection of WiFi

 Same here, the issue has come again. I made the biggest mistake of my life by buying the Nokia again. Nokia is gone now.

 A few days ago, I noticed the wifi issue and posted my thread too:

also the frustration increases knowing they released a new phone(6.1 plus) with better specs at much cheaper price within 3 months of nokia6.1 release

I am also facing the same issue even Bluetooth has same problem. really you have cheated ur customers

Looks like this "support" forum is just a joke. No one from nokia bothers to respond to user complaints.

I've already posted twice about the wifi disconnections hoping for some response.

May be they already decided to closed shop and are just trying to get rid of the stock. Who knows.

What a waste of time and money.

I solved the wifi issues with my Nokia 6.1 regarding unstable captive portal logins:

I bought (~3€) & installed  the app “WFi Web Login” from Ryan DH New from the PlayStore. In the battery optimization

menu of my phone I changed the setting to “not optimized” (to keep the app running in the background) and also set the “CaptivePortalLogin” application

to “not optimized”. Inside the “WFi Web Login” app I set up in the 3dot menu the following: second entry to “automatic” and the 6th entry to “enabled”.

Now it keeps me logged in hole day to a cisco based wifi @ work (where login credentials are needed).

Unfortunately Nokia couldn’t help me. Had some long conversations, lots of “do this, do that”, and at the end they advised me to send the device to

service it. Ugly no ? Thank you Nokia, others do better !

This app from Ryan now works like a charm on my Nokia 6.1 / TA-1043 /hardwareversion 5.

It is logging me in consistently everyday I go to work.

After September update: still connection issues when using wifi (connection frequently interrupts, e.g. whatsapp frequently shows "reconnecting"). mobile network without problem. Is it only me or did they really didn't fix it?

I did not realize this was an issue when I got my Nokia 6.1 not too long ago. I am having issues connecting to my company WiFi which has 802.1x EAP security. Where can I get the post May patch? Thanks.

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