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Update checking failed


Just bought this phone 50 mins ago.

Checking for update, return the message "Update checking failed"

Current version on phone is: 

What should I do to fix that failed checking for update message? 


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I seconded. Also, recently bought 8110 4G, there's no Facebook, Google Maps, etc. even in the KaiOS store. Surprisingly, Nokia Support doesn't have knowledge about their product.

Got this error too... that's surprised...

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What country has this phone been released in? I thought it hadn't been released anywhere yet.


It's released in Vietnam a week ago 

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Yea, I have this problem too

 I have yet to buy the Nokia 8110 4G as it hasn't been launch in Malaysia. All I can advise is to do a hard reset and start clean then immediately update the OS. If a handphone still don't work, technicians tell me the culprit could be the hardware unless there is a bug in the original OS.


Same problem, reset phone to factory and "' Update checking failed''' . Tried updating on wifi and cellular,  no luck. Sim in slot 1 doesn't bring up app store or the default games.

I should just sell this junk or toss it in the trash

More like product failed.

 At it is stated "All KaiOS-powered devices have the capability to run the KaiStore. The KaiStore will be released on a country-by-country basis in the coming months."

Same here..did you find any solution??

Reading about how the phone update may be region dependant, I found that my phone was most likely from the UAE, because of the code ''AE'''on the bottom of the box, and the Arabic keypad...

So to test things out I've gone and bought a second 8110, with box code ''MY SG'', which should be Malaysia/Singapore region, and see if it can be updated.

Maybe double check your box and see what region it is from, and if there is any correlation between region and update failures.

Not that it proves anything solid, but it may hint towards that some regions cannot update, or may update later.

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The Malaysia one got update or not??And from which country/region you try to update??

The Nokia 8110 4G has not been officially sold yet by Nokia in Malaysia

So here I am, I got the firmware update like 2 weeks ago. Now the firmware is

I'm based in Vietnam and the devices is officially sold in Vietnam market thru some of our vendors. It's even labeled as Made in Vietnam :facepalm: 

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