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Hello, hello 

Since we have quite a lot of members here who are pretty active and keep discussions going I thought it would be a nice idea to get to know each other a little bit better. I welcome you to use this thread to introduce yourself, tell us why you like Nokia, what else in life you’re passionate about, what are your deepest, darkest secrets or just whatever you want to share with your Nokia/HMD fellas here. 

To set a good example I will start and tell you a bit about myself. 

As I stated >here< I joined HMD about a month ago, so I’m really new on board, every day is still a bit of an adventure and sometimes I feel like a kid exploring the world for the first time, with massive support from my fellow colleagues. Originally, I’m from Central Europe, but studied in Finland and now I’m glad to call it my wonderful second home. 

Ending up at HMD in the role of the Community Manager is a little dream come true because it combines two things in my life I really appreciate. First of it ‘Nokia Phones’. One of my first phones was the Nokia 3210 and of course later on the  3310. I still remember all the Snake high score wars I had with classmates  (little wink to my avatar). Best thing was they were nearly indestructible. Small detour – when I was younger, I ‘accidently’ throw my sisters’ Nokia out of the window (3rd floor :D)…. It survived with just a few scratches. 

I used the classic Nokia phones for a long time and also have experience with some of the Lumia models. When I heard that HMD will produce Nokia branded phones I went crazy. Second thing is the Community Manager role itself. Having a background in Media and Communication, new media/social media has always been close to my heart. Combining these two things – AMAZING!!! I have some great ideas with the community and the forum. I can’t share as much as I was hoping for today. For now, I want to focus on some new functions in the Forum (User profiles, Private  Messaging, Mention function…) and there are some little specials coming up for you people out there. And I’m still happy for any suggestions and ideas you  have – so keep it going 

I think  this is enough about me. Looking forward to read your introduction.

Have a  great time in the community, 


P.S. Every post in here, which is not related to this specific topic  will get deleted – there are enough sub-forums and threads where you can post  your questions/comments/experiences related to our products. Let’s keep this a  place where we can get to know each other a bit better. Thank you

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Namaste, hello

I am Niraj Limaye from India, state: Maharashtra.

I like Nokia for sturdy phone.

New Nokia (under HMD global) I love policy: pure, secure and up to date.

I like Nokia is very prompt for monthly security patches and OS updates.

Nokia is part of Android One so few or no modification in Android OS where Nokia is bang on!

But few points Nokia needs to improve according to me are:

1) Dual sim over hybrid sim: Slots for two sim and dedicated slot for microSD card.

    Dual sim is necessary in India where people prefer 2 sims for personal and business use or for calling and for mobile data.

2) Characteristic logo at start: Nokia's iconic start is 2 hands are coming with Nokia tune and connecting people displayed below hands,this typical start I missed in New Nokia (at least Nokia 3 and Nokia 6).



Hello. I am Villan, not Villain :-) To be a Villan, you have to support Aston Villa Football Club in Birmingham, UK. I have just bought the Nokia 7 Plus running on Android 8. Got fed up paying high prices for mobiles. I am retired so can't afford the silly prices people are paying for Apple and Samsung. So far, the phone is working fine and is a neat stylish phone. Have a few niggles, which I am hoping to sort out on this forum.


I am Mohan Reddy from Anantapuram, AP, India. My first Nokia experience was with Nokia 1112, which was my dad's first phone. It was a great phone and I was addicted to the Snake game. Then there is Nokia 6600, the best part is the "SEGA Rally 3D", I think, it was the game that made me addicted towards racing games. Then my dream phone was/is the Nokia N8, because of its FM transmitter, only smartphone to have that feature, I think. I would really love to get my hands on one, even now. 

I hope Nokia will release, in future, will release a smartphone with a FM transmitter. I would like one. I like Nokia for building phones which are sturdy and long lasting. More importantly, I am happy for their new releases because I missed them too much. During all of my childhood I had seen almost everyone carry a Nokia, its good to see them back. 


Hi Claudio,Krisoty, Niraj, Villan and Mohan 

welcome to the Community. Nice to have you all here :). I hope you gonna enjoy your time in the forum. 

Note: Please discuss your ideas and experience in the other sub-forums. I want to keep this a place where everyone can really introduce him/her self. (I deleted some comments due to this - sorry). 

Have a nice day all. 

Best regards, 


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Hello my name is Jaco Venter from Gauteng in South Africa. People of my age is usually on pension, as I am 61 years young. After University I began work in IT in the South African Army. I am an old school programmer, but now I am more like an IT Generalist. I have been doing betas since 1994 first Windows95 and Windows NT 4 and I am still doing Windows Betas. I do Networking, Custom App Development, and Facility Management, Operations and IT Management. 


My name is Andrew (aka LinuxJedi), I lead a development team for another Finnish tech company called MariaDB but I'm physically based in the UK. I love Finland (I have way too much Salmiakki vodka in my fridge) so Nokia and the Android One program so Nokia was an obvious choice for my new phone (I have a Nokia 6.1 TA-1068 with a Mozo fabric and leather case, Mozo is also a Finnish company, highly recommend).

Hello everyone,

This a David Jeams From DotComOnly and WowBlackFriday and am a huge fan of Nokia Mobiles. I have Many Nokia Mobiles. 

And i am here to discuss my problems and sol of others.


Hi, I have a Nokia 7+

Hello Laura,

I got my first Nokia phone in the mid 90's.  It was the top of the line flip phone at that time.  It was super cool!!  I have had a total of 7 Nokia phones in total, most of them top of the line.  I have never broke one of them, and believe me, it's not that I haven't tried.  These phones are the most durable on the market.  I have had the Nokia Lumia 925 for 4 years now.  I named it IPK...…. I phone killer.  I phones break just by looking at design.  

I live in the Napa Valley.  I run a restaurant, and make small production wine.  I love photography, cooking, hiking, skiing, and my sexy Nokia phone!  On that note, I am wondering how I get in the testing the phones for you guys? Post release? Pre release?


The Cabernet Kid 

Hi all  

My very first mobile phone was a Nokia 5110 (too bad its battery went completely dead after many, many years of not using it - so sadly it won't turn back on anymore for a game of 'old school' Snake). 


After getting that first taste of Nokia quality I've used several other Nokia models (for business as well as private use) e.g. 6021, 6610i, N73, N97, 808 PureView (that I still use for the great camera!) and a couple of Lumia models. Currently I'm enjoying a Nokia 6 with Android Oreo.


So happy to see the Nokia phones brand still going strong...

...even after the Microsoft (ad)venture with Windows Phone/Mobile went downhill and eventually failed to capture the market share that the Lumia phones actually deserved (in my humble opinion). *ouch*

And that HMD/Nokia are still Connecting People, through this community forum for example 

Greetings from the Netherlands! 

 Hi Everyone, This is Sumit Bhardwaj from Pune, India. I was a Nokia only guy since the time I started using phones right from the legendary 3315 to 6600 and so on. Was away from it during the Microsoft period, but now Nokia is back in business again, thanks to HMD Global (love you guys for reviving this iconic brand), and so am I.

I recently purchased my shiny new Nokia 7 Plus device and I am in love with the build quality and Android One experience since the time I opened the box. It's a perfect phone with extremely high end looking build quality and in hand feel, it just feels awesome to hold it. The hardware is also very capable with no lags etc as such. The only request I have is, do not discontinue Android one program ever on your phones! I only buy Android One phones now and it is very hard to find this good A.One phones of this quality.

Happy to be part of the community! Cheers!

Hello all this is rkreddy from Hyderabad(India). Bought a Nokia 7 Plus recently. User of old Nokia phones till Lumia 830 always loved the build quality and camera on nokia phones. after using Iphone 6s for 2 years shifted to Nokia 7 plus due to less battery back up of Iphones. Just used the new Nokia for a while everything looks excellent, bit disappointed with camera which doesn't feature OIS as zeiss lens are very superior and coupled with OIS gives great results. Nokia lumia 830 was really excellent with its cam. Hope to participate in all good discussions.

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