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Hello, hello 

Since we have quite a lot of members here who are pretty active and keep discussions going I thought it would be a nice idea to get to know each other a little bit better. I welcome you to use this thread to introduce yourself, tell us why you like Nokia, what else in life you’re passionate about, what are your deepest, darkest secrets or just whatever you want to share with your Nokia/HMD fellas here. 

To set a good example I will start and tell you a bit about myself. 

As I stated >here< I joined HMD about a month ago, so I’m really new on board, every day is still a bit of an adventure and sometimes I feel like a kid exploring the world for the first time, with massive support from my fellow colleagues. Originally, I’m from Central Europe, but studied in Finland and now I’m glad to call it my wonderful second home. 

Ending up at HMD in the role of the Community Manager is a little dream come true because it combines two things in my life I really appreciate. First of it ‘Nokia Phones’. One of my first phones was the Nokia 3210 and of course later on the  3310. I still remember all the Snake high score wars I had with classmates  (little wink to my avatar). Best thing was they were nearly indestructible. Small detour – when I was younger, I ‘accidently’ throw my sisters’ Nokia out of the window (3rd floor :D)…. It survived with just a few scratches. 

I used the classic Nokia phones for a long time and also have experience with some of the Lumia models. When I heard that HMD will produce Nokia branded phones I went crazy. Second thing is the Community Manager role itself. Having a background in Media and Communication, new media/social media has always been close to my heart. Combining these two things – AMAZING!!! I have some great ideas with the community and the forum. I can’t share as much as I was hoping for today. For now, I want to focus on some new functions in the Forum (User profiles, Private  Messaging, Mention function…) and there are some little specials coming up for you people out there. And I’m still happy for any suggestions and ideas you  have – so keep it going 

I think  this is enough about me. Looking forward to read your introduction.

Have a  great time in the community, 


P.S. Every post in here, which is not related to this specific topic  will get deleted – there are enough sub-forums and threads where you can post  your questions/comments/experiences related to our products. Let’s keep this a  place where we can get to know each other a bit better. Thank you

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 Hello All, This is Nagendra Kumar from Hyderabad (India) working as software engineer. I love NOKIA for it's durability. Nothing can beat it. :)

Hello Laura, When the update will come for Nokia 7 plus indian unit face unlock

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