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Supported frequencies and usage in roaming

I bought a Nokia 6.1 from India 2 weeks back. It was a good phone and I was enjoying it. Then I had to travel to US for work and I found that Nokia doesn't even support the basic quad band for 2G. I have 2 connections - Idea and Airtel and both of them are not working in US. I chatted with a Nokia representative and she confirmed that Nokia supports only 900/1800 bands for 6.1 and not 850/1900. Nokia website doesn't even show this information correctly. It was providing only details of LTE and not 2G or 4G. I hope Nokia will fix this glitch  urgently in one of the upcoming phone patches. I do not believe this is a hardware limitation. I can't believe this stupidity on an Android One phone. 

It isn't that simple, normal you need a tri-band phone for traveling to de US. At least, for most if from other country.

Amazon (Nokia's exclusive partner in India for 64 GB Nokia 6.1 & Nokia 7 plus) has listed all frequencies. Not sure if this is an issue with just 32 GB Nokia 6.1 phones. I has checked the frequency limitations before buying and Nokia has not listed anything on its India website. it should not be  hardware issue s Qualcomm modem supports all these bands.

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