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Refund for cancellation

Nokia has the worst customer care I have cancelled my product which I bought after making a online payment and it has been one month they are not processing my refund.

Whenever I call them or mail them they just ask to wait for 24 hours I don't even know if I will get my money back or not.

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Welcome to the club. I am having exact same issue for my online order # 5075. The responses received from customer service differ on every occasion. I still do not have refund even after 1 month. There is no service for sure.

did you get your refund or not?

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yes, got it finally after 1.5 months. I had to chase almost everyday via email / phone calls. Online chat never worked for me.

I have also the same issue,almost 1 month completed but money not credited back.

Order #14566

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you got your refund or not.

Yes...after daily follow up for 1.5 months either via phone calls or emails. That online chat / help function never worked for me.
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