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Issues, sound, proximity sensor etc

Dear Nokia, Since I got Oreo(8.0) and 8.1 the Dolby Atmos is terrible. Everyone has that problem. Since May's security update, when i have a call, the screen not goes to dark (proximity sensor's job to do that) and when I turn on auto rotate screen nothing happens. The system and app are starting to lag... It is getting worse and worse. Nokia listen to your costumers, it was the first android phone you made and you should respect the people who bought them! No solution to sound, and with every security updates it getting worse? Sincerely a Nokia fan who is upset.

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Ever since the OS updates started coming in, my phone keeps getting worse and despite the outcry from us, NOKIA is only interested in launching other products. I have personally convinced two people NOT to buy Nokia smartphones when they asked me and I will continue to do that.

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