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Fast charging not working after update

After the last update I have noticed that fast charging is not working properly? Most of the time fast charging is not working. It is only showing charging , not showing 'charging rapidly' . This is happening after the last update. I am getting very much disappointed with this.

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Fast charging happens only when you don't use the phone while charging. This was done most probably to reduce the heating. The change happened in last update.

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yea. I also having the same problem. Going send to the store to check

Yes it's not showing Charging Rapidly... just showing Charging

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The latest update has changed charging parameter. The fast charging takes place only when you don't use your phone while charging.
This is really a bad thing... Now I'm not facing heating issu but I think charging time is more important then heating issu.

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Same thing happening with me tha phone is not charging rapidly..and i do not use my phone while charging...also the phone is heating up too much while charging now

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yeah me too...just updated yesterday. today is first charge after yesterday update...been charging more than an hour...i am not using it during charging, though...can nokia / android do something to this? 

For me,

After May update, it took 1hr 45 minutes to charge from 10-100 %. I am not using it while charging, even my data and WiFi is off.

It will charge rapidly only when phone is idle.

Heating reduced while charging after update, now Max battery temp is 42-43 degree. Earlier it was going to 46 degree maximum. But 45-46 temp is acceptable.

Please note this is summer season, after summer temp might fall little. We will feel phone is getting heated because of metal body.

What Puneet says is bullshit. Quick charge is just broken since May update. It's not a new feature. It doesn't quick charge in idle nor when in use. Sometimes it says quick charging but it doesn't do anything, then it changes back to just charging.

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Downlaod the app "Accu battery" and check the current rate when the screen is on and when the screen is off. You will get to see what's bullshit. If the app doesn't show any difference between the charge rate in screen on and screen off conditions, then either your device is faulty or cable or charger. Don't come barging here on my comment.

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I would choose fast charging over dual volte anyday. Hmd please do something.

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hopefully nokia fixes this in their next update.. they could rather set a temperature limit below which the phone would charge rapidly.

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It is advisory to customers from all phone manufacturers, not to use device while it is charging.

There is no point fighting for fast charging, while device in use. Fast charging is provided for emergency usage, you can get 60-70% in 40-45 min.

As per my view, Nokia 7 plus charging is fine for me.

Again its just my opinion. For more info, watch you tube videos about Qualcomm Quick charging versions.

I agree with Puneet's comments.

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Same charging not working. Provide on off options for fast charging....

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