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Nokia 2 Android Oreo 8.1 Update

HMD Global promised to deliver measurable updates on time, Juho Sarvikas said that Nokia 2 device will receive Android Oreo Go 8.1 very soon, until now there's no confirmation for the release date and every time I contact the support team, they're saying the same words: "We don't have information regarding your inquiry" So when you guys are going to update this device, I own Nokia 6 2017 and 2018 editions, Nokia 5, 3, 1 and all of them are updated except my Nokia 2, Seems like there's a delay!

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When will get Oreo 8.1?

@Nitin Kachare

We are still waiting, no body knows and that's why I've asked...

Not all Nokia 3s are created equal as only the TA-1032 has received Oreo, the TA-1020 is still waiting for the update to roll out.

@muhannadsalhab They taking very much time for 8.1 Updates.I think Nokia 2 not get future os updates except monthly security patch.Nokia 2 does not have future.It will stay on last 8.1 Oreo Life.

@Nitin Kachare

I don't think so brother! HMD Global has promised monthly security updates with major OS updates as well for 2 years, so Nokia 2 shall get Oreo and android P too.

Good news guys! Android Oreo 8.1 Beta Version  is now available, Installing it right now on my device to test it, register on Nokia Beta Labs with your imei to request the OTA!

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Muhannad Salhab hey this mean android oreo 8.1 is the android oreo GO ?

Muhannad Salhab hey this mean android oreo 8.1 is the android oreo GO ?


No brother, Its the standard Android Oreo 8.1, such as Nokia 6 and 5 and 3, Android Go Edition is for Nokia 1 only for the mean time, I advise you guys to wait for the official build to be released , the BETA version isn't stable yet, Rolled my Nokia 2 devices back to 7.1.1 Nougat, waiting for the official build of Oreo 8.1

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Oh.. Thank you Bro for your advise. I just thought to get Oreo 8.1 BETA. Anyway Acroding to your advise now i hold my thought till official Go came out. Thank you ☺️☺️☺️
I am also degrade to noughat because of oreo 8.1 beta has sim network issue, battery drainage issue, Sometimes Camera Issue.So i didn't waste my time and i degrade to noughat but it erase jun security patch and i am on now noughat may security patch.

@Nitin Kachare

Exactly! Rolled my device back to Nougat 7.1.1 with May security patches and June security patches are gone, June security patches will be available with the next official build of Android Oreo 8.1

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Yes I wish It will get in official oreo 8.1.We have to wait until official 8.1 oreo.Much better noughat than buggy oreo beta.

@Nitin Kachare

Just give Nokia's developers until the end of this month and I'm pretty sure that the official release will come at the end of June with June security patches or maybe with July security patches, who knows!

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