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Change Log V 2.22A update

Hey guys, just wanted to know what new changes you all observed in the latest update for TA-1046 i.e, v 2.22A update. The official change log wasn't useful so yeah.. I observed a few though - dual 4g volte support - face unlock - May Security Patch Feel free to add more people Also are y'all facing any issues? On a side note I got 2 updates in 15 days on my 7+. On my previous device (Lenovo Zuk Z1) for the entire life of it I got one update. Keep up the good work with Nokia HMD

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I did not notice anything fancy, but ended up with major annoyances with v2.22A: lost 4G connectivity (there is a thread about that, I am not alone), and no more navigation with fingerprint sensor :( Hope it will be fixed soon.

I did a factory reset, and for now it working very well.

I am from India and I'm using a Vodafone SIM it's going good for me.. at least for now. what carrier are you guys in?
For me 2nd SiM Slot was not working ( My Device was updated to 8.1 Oreo ) .. This 2.22A fixed that Issue.. Now both the sim slot supports 4G Simultaneously Nokia added Face Unlock feature And some bugs they have fixed maybe
Hi can Anyone tell how is battery life after new update??
Mine is 2 days for normal usage
v2.22A did not bring any big changes,but some changes are: +dual volte(as expected). +trust face(it is not a face is yet to release face unlock option). +notification bar colour changes based on background images. +then of coarse may security patch. issues iam facing with this update: - battery life is reduced..i barely get 4-5hrs of usage. i expected a lot from battery side...but nokia hugely disappointed by its poor battery optimisation.
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