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Face Unlock

Does anyone know when the Nokia 7 plus Android One version will have the face unlock feature? I thought it'll come now in May update since the china version of it already has face unlock. I hope someone will answeer

Next month

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How do you know this Puneet? Are you sure? 樂
Face Unlock is already there with May Update ... Go to Settings and then Security and then Smart Lock
Though it's not a proper 3D Face unlock I guess
I've tried it now. But it doesn't work. It does not unlock even though I'm in a well lit environment.
But working for me properly ... I need to press the power button..... look at the phone ..... and swipe the screen up
Now I know it works. Thanks a lot for the info. I hope they change it in the next updatee. Make it unlock immediately without making the user swipe up

 Yes that would be great

Well the chinese version of the nokia 7 plus has a dedicated face unlock option not just the smart unlock, I just watched it on youtube.

 i go to smart lock and the screen is blank. there are no options for me to set up face unlock

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I have searched the entire setting menu Couldn't find the Face unlock feature. Device is updated to May security patch
I was on 8.1.0 and updated to May18 security patch but I couldn't find smart lock feature in settings menu.
Face Unlock can be found at : Setting-> Security & Location -> Smart Lock -> Trusted Face. Once enabled, the unlock does not automatically unlock the screen. But if you swipe up on the lockscreen and it recognizes you it will unlock without pin.
There is no such option Like smart lock. updated to May security patch.
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