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Battery is good or not

hello everyone, I will post some info about my battery and I need to know if is good or not, because I saw some screenshoots from another nokia (8) and I was wondering 

Nokia 7 plus


Last charging 3d 7h 11m

SoT 7h 7m

Nokia 8 


last charging 20h 29m

SoT 5h 25m 

is my battery average good or bad  ? 

Battery is getting eaten by Google play services. Battery lasts maximum 1.5 days with moderate use and SOT 3.5-4 hours .I got my android downgraded to 8.0 then it improved by 4-5 hours. Android 8.1 v2.13B consumes lot of battery. I have also not installed new update with may patch.
On ideal use battery lasts for 1.5day but in normal use battery lasts only 1day

A battery life of 1.5 days with moderate use is decent enough. Since this is a 3800mah battery with 660 SOC and 6'' screen.
SD 625 is the most power efficient chipset and 660 is not.

Should i downgrade my n7plus to 8.0 coz i feel unsatisfies with the battery only last me 4-5 hours w moderate usage damn!! SO DISAPPOINTING NOKIA!!
Battery life with oreo 8.0 is can downgrade and check
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