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The recent Nokia 6.1 android 8.1 oreo V2.22A update causes major WiFi problem

After update my Nokia 6.1 on 18/may/2018, my android Oreo experience becomes hell ! The WiFi , automatically disconnected, sometimes never get connected to any WiFi, sometimes connected but no internet. Help me!

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Same issues after the May update. Wifi is terrible both connectivity and range. Hope the mod are seeing these messages and come with a fix soon

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My Nokia 6.1 also faces same wifi issue after 8.1 update.any solution?

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I am facing the same problem and it is really annoying. Kindly send a system update immediately to fix this or provide a way to revert the system update. Awaiting your reply.

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Hello i am also facing same issue. even with full connectivity the wifi refuses to connect, once connected it shows no internet. the same connection on laptop is showing proper speeds. this is happening after May update. But good side of update is improved camera performance on 3rd party app like paytm qr code scan, where it used to hang for 4-5 secs. also camera app seems to be not hanging anymore.
Facing same issue. Checked with WiFi analyser, signal strength has dropped considerably on Nokia after update when compared to other phones. WiFi has become almost unusable

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 I have the same issue wifi works only upto  2-3 meters away form the router. 4G is also not as reliable as it used to be before the update. This is a serious issue with out the wifi I cannot use the phone in office and at home.

When is the fix being released? Thanks

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I merged this thread with this one >here< due to similar topic.

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