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Hi , I bought Nokia 6.1 and I am using Jio 4g LTE SIM but after updating my software to Android Oreo Nokia 6.1 does not support 4G VOLTE so I am very much disappointed with this and I want to sell off my mobile .so pls fix the bugs and improve. The phone.

Please check if your carrier provides VoLTE .Only those networks can use VoLTE .
I experienced the same problem. I upgraded from Nokia 5 to Nokia 6.1 and I have been very frustrated because the older phone supported VoLTE while the new one doesn't. Big disappointment.
Make sure that the enhanced LTE services are turned ON on the Mobile Networks setting.

If your cell provider does't support VoLTE for your phone, that option isn't available/visible.

The problem could be the cell services provide not supporting VoLTE on Nokia 6.1 because while I could acess the Enhanced LTE services on Nokia 5, it's not available on 6.1
That is if providers enable this stuff model by model.

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@waWairimu am using faiba4G network dual Sims and I have dual 4G volte on Nokia 6.1 TA 1043 ... unfortunately safcom doesn't have that if you planing to use it ,,try verdic house room 200/201,,get a faiba line they are near IMAX or in between IMAX & ....I can video call etc the whole dual 4G volte package ...
This is very interesting @Auki. I actually have a Faiba4G SIM card which I was using for VoLTE with Nokia 5. The problem came with the new Nokia 6.1 TA-1043 which doesn't have the option to enable enhanced 4G LTE services. But now that you can access the same services using the same phone model & cell provider, kindly side chat through coz I believe that u can help me out with this.

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@waWairimu got it ,,,I'll inbox you ,,the problem isn't the Nokia 6.1 ,,koz even my Nokia 7 plus with the software that people say doesn't have dual 4G volte I get it ,,so I don't know if I got lucky with both models or the software I update to is better lol ,,but just like others have network or connectivity issues I also have Google pay issues and NFC seems broken on my 6.1 doesn't connect to other NFC devices neither can I get the NFC Icon on quick settings toggles ,,if I have it working tell me how or if I can enable the toggle

The problem could be the cell services provide not supporting VoLTE on Nokia 6.1 because while I could acess the Enhanced LTE services on Nokia 5, it's not available on 6.1

My Nokia 8 doesn't have the Enhanced LTE option but my calls are in HD and via 4G so presumably the option is now just the default setting so is no longer needed.

I have the TA-1043 and same as WaWairimu, there is no option for Enhanced 4G LTE mode, no Volte. Volte works on Nokia 2 and Nokia 5, it's just not enabled on the 6.1

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@boazke imagine faiba4G works ,,LTE plus even the much chase after 4G volte and for me it's dual 4G volte ...the faiba agent did some APN settings on my fon and it works great ,,dual VOLTE 4G was there ever since version 2.22_A for TA 1043 has been out's just the Cartier network that have issues not hardware support ..I only use faiba line for face calling and the packs on volte ,,video calling works great ,which I wonder why others don't have Volte on supported carrier network

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I'll try checking with Faiba4G if I need different APNs.

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Hi I had that same problem but issue was little different there as my recharge plan was for different mobile so it was not working on new phone. If this case is the same with you, check your plan. If not, check if enhanced 4g lte is enabled in your phone settings. If that is enabled. Then check your 4g sim is in first slot. Also, there is not any word like VoLTe which appears as default in many phones for 4g such as xiaomi, oneplus, samsung, etc but with stock android as pixel or androidone, there is not word like volte. Instead it's a call icon in status bar with the lte sign on the top of it.

@TheDexterious, The 4G SIM card am trying to use on the Nokia 6.1 for VoLTE was working fine on Nokia 5. So the plan is not the problem. Again, we cannot enable enhanced 4G LTE as the option is not even available on the 6.1

I got in touch with Nokia & they said that the phone does in deed support VoLTE as long as the service provider supports the same. Those of us stuck seem to be undone by our cell service providers.

@BoazKE, if you get something positive from Faiba, kindly update.

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