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There should NFC

Phone is pretty amazing but the coming world is smart. There should be a support of NFC for payment. Hopefully Nokia will listen to me and bring NFC support in mid range smartphone with blasting features like Nokia x6

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Tech Wizard

Hello, the Nokia X6 variant launched in china does have NFC support. So the global variant will surely have a NFC support. In fact almost all of the Nokia mid range phone released already have NFC support. Even the low budget Nokia 3 has NFC support. Thank you.

Does nokia x6 variant launched in china have nfc support??
I bought a Nokia X6 and use in Vietnam few weeks ago. I do not find NFC function on the phone, even I see the bluetooth function can not turn on.
I bought Nokia x6 in China and it does not have the NFC function, however it does have Bluetooth and it can be turned on though
Nope, it does not have NFC
Yes, in India also it's not available

Tech Wizard

Yup just realized no NFC on this one. They should have given the NFC feature.
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