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Vodafone VoLTE problem on DS device

Vodafone India stated VoLTE is not supported on Nokia 7 Plus DS but their site tells it's supported on Nokia 7 Plus. They say both device are different.

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Even I am not able see Vodafone Volte. In their website, they mentioned it supports.

In India, as far as I know only one variant of device is available.

What is DS device?

DS device is dual sim device

Ohh, thanks.

In India, only dual sim variant is available.

Mostly it will be enabled with feature updates. Also, carrier's also don't have complete coverage for VOLTE.


I am also having the same issue. Provided every detail to Vodafone like software build no, android version and IMEI number of the device. They told me that every thing is perfect with my device and informed me that similar issue was faced with one plus 5 also. They were able to solve the issue along wit one plus team.

For my case they have raised the similar ticket with HMD team. I will update you guys once it is fixed.

One more thing, I checked my sim card in Nokia 6 and VoLTE was working fine. Also Jio sim was working fine in my Nokia 7 plus. So handset and SIM card seem to be fully VoLTE supported.

Email Vodafone regional nodal officers to activate the VoLTE. They will probably activate it from their side after a telephonic conversation. But Vodafone VoLTE falls back to 2G/3G calls majority of times.

All carriers except JIO in india are not true 4g providers. There is a different mechanism of making their existing 2g , 3g networks VoLTE compatible over 4g. This requires update to modem firmware of existing handset manufacturers. So they tie up with each manufacturer and push update for their network support. Probably nokia 7+ has not yet received this updadate for Vodafone. 

Vodafone VoLTE is present on in a few base station of a circle. But I confirm that it works well. Just contact Vodafone nodal officer via email and request them to activate it.

Hi mayankmethad, VoLTE is already activated and working fine on my number. I check my sim in Nokia 6 and it works fine.

As mayankmethad said,

Even I have mailed to Vodafone. They have called me and tried to convince that my device is not supported for VOLTE. After a long conversation, they have re-verified and solved the problem. Now Volte is working on my Vodafone SIM for my circle.

Hi user1526575826220, I am chasing Vodafone since 02-05-2018 and they are still clueless. I would appreciate your support if you could provide me your number on my email AMITCHAUDHARY6[AT]GMAIL.COM. I would ask Vodafone to look into the solution that they took to solve your problem. Thanks.

Hi Amit,


Sorry, I cannot share my mobile number.


When I called Vodafone care, they simply told my device is not supported. But I didn't agree and told Vodafone site says device supported. Then they gave me this e-mail id: , this is for Karnataka circle.


I have mailed them with screenshot of their website. Even they called and repeated same thing, I convinced them other networks are working on my device. Then they have escalated and enabled it.


This is the mail from them after enabling it.


"Ongoing through your email, I understand your concern is towards VoLTE service for your Vodafone number.



I sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.



Further as per our telephonic conversation that I had with on 22-May-2018 at 04:57 PM, as per your confirmation post activation of VoLTE service on your number I understand that VoLTE service issue has been rectified and same you are using the service without any issue."


Also I am attaching screenshot of my mobile.


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Hi user1526575826220, Thanks for sharing such a valuable feedback. Could you please share ticket number(Complaint no.) of your issue. It will be helpful in my case.

Hi user1526575826220, Vodafone team is still not able to resolve my case. I gave them reference of your case but they are not able to find it in their system. I will be very thankful if you could share your case ID/complaint number/ticket number with me on my email AMITCHAUDHARY6[AT]GMAIL.COM.

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