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Terrible audio quality from headphone jack

Audio coming out of the headphone jack sounds absolutely terrible.

I have tested this on different headphones and speakers, and it all sounds the same. I tried different phones and they all sound normal, as it should be. However, the Nokia 7 Plus is the only one outputting poor quality audio.

I refuse to believe someone at Nokia/HMD tested the audio off the audio jack and thought it's good.

The phone overall is amazing, but this issue is such a massive dealbreaker.

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I have no problems on mine. Maybe I'm not picky enough? Note that it is very hard to get the jack far enough in on n7+ as it is very tight. With poor connection the sound is poor.

The jack itself is not an issue. My headphone/speaker/etc connectors go all the way in with no issues. The sound coming out of the headphone jack, however, is an issue. I forgot to mention that the audio quality over bluetooth speakers and headphones are perfectly fine, though I absolutely hate using bluetooth headphones/speakers, and would prefer a wired connection.
I'm also facing the same problem, I tried multiple Nokia 7 plus devices and all have the same issue
Sorry if this is a silly question but are you pushing the headphone connector is properly as it will click when pushed right in.

Yes I plugged correctly , eventhough I tried multiple headsets in my two 7 plus devices, and both are showing this disturbance. 

Can you define terrible output, Just saying terrible doesn't provide any information,request to be exact on what is terrible,is it quality,loudness ,or what?

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I am using normal JBL CSI 100 earphones and the sound is at par with rn5pro i used earlier ,very close to mia1, albeit a little soft but not in any way terrible
Try the bass booster and eq app.
Some disturbance sounds, icant explain in words. Sound like (teeeeeeeee) while playing songs. when the background score comes with violin keyboard the distribunce sounds is very clear.and it's really annoying sometimes.
@Vishnuprasad might be your headset issue, use good earphones for best results and use poweramp, i have cx 180 street ii sound output from earphones is very clear.
I mentioned that I used multiple headset, and I checked this in 3 different 7 plus devices and sounds same. Also the headset is working perfect in my other mobiles (on moto g4plus)

I just purchased the 7 Plus and hesitated at first as I had read reports of terrible audio quality. As an audiophile this worried me. However, I am pleased to report that I have had no issues and think the audio quality is on par with my iPhone6 Plus.

This is how I operate(for sure method) Step 1:Purchase Poweramp audio player and join the beta Testing(can use the free trial version too but you have to become beta tester) (not sure whether or not the normal version of poweramp supports it as I haven't used the normal version.) Step 2:go to poweramp settings->audio->output->Hi Res output (experimental)->wired headset/AUX-> sample rate (choose 384khz)and BOOM(your headphones will be amped soundstage will widen and you get a sampling rate of 384khz and 24 bit)(only works for earphones,Bluetooth devices and usb DAC) Just follow these instructions word to word and you'll be fine

bass booster will work for Bluetooth also

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