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Android 8.1+May Security

When we will get android 8.1 & may security update?

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I've just tweeted @Nokiamobile with this exact query as the Nokia 3 my mum has still hasn't received the April update let alone Android 8.1 and the May update.

Tech Wizard

Hello, I personally think Nokia is planning to escape the 8.1 Oreo Update for Nokia 3 just like they did with the 7.1.2 Nougat Update because Nokia is pretty busy launching new phones in quite short amount of time. In fact it has been months but the Nokia 2 users promised with Oreo 8.1 Go edition haven't got any official reply on it. But I don't know why the delay in May Security patch though for the Nokia 3. In the other hand if I have to be extremely positive we might get a surprise 8.1 update without even the beta labs just like they did with the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Thank you.
Nokia 8 and Nokia 2 may 2018 security update seeded today.

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Tech Wizard

Thanks for the info @Sammy.

@Sammy That's all well and good and yes it is available for the Nokia 8 as I have the May 2018 update on mine but the Nokia 3 hasn't received an update since March.

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Nokia 3 security patch version 00WW_3_310_SP01 was released on May 9, 2018. Looks like it is not seeded to all countries yet.

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@Sammy Thanks, do you happen to know if that's for Android 8 or 7.1.1?
Most probably security patch is for stable android Oreo build.

I just found something else out that's interesting, it appears to ONLY be the TA-1032 version of the Nokia 3 that is receiving Oreo. I don't know what us TA-1020 owners did to justify HMD not bothering to update both versions but hopefully this sheds some light on why only certain countries have Oreo.

 @Terminusaquo I have also tweeted Nokia but haven't had a response and am on the TA-1020. But it looks as though the April update is part of the Oreo update, but that doesn't explain why the UK is months behind getting this compared to other markets.

By following one of the other threads, my Nokia 3 is currently ownloading the Oreo 8.0 and April security update in the UK. It is a shame, I had to take out the sim first, do a factory reset and then set up a VPN to Finland to get the update, not ideal and very time consuming, but hey ho.

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