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Camera improvement!! Much needed request

Dear HMD and Nokia team... U have such a good hardware for camera, however I request you to kindly improve your software algorithm to improve camera performance. Camera produces lot of noise especially in evening or artificial light shots. Some time camera quality is not equivalent to single camera in Samsung phones.

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Camera app requires lot of improvement.. Nokia please update

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use gcam it in xda..results are far better...and pictures taken from nokia camera can't even stand near gcams picture. Here is the link:
Yes the camera app needs a lot of improvement. In low light or artificial lighting condition the images gives lots of noise and images doesn't have details on normal zooming on both daylight and low light photography. NOKIA should show the true power of Ziess lens by developing software algorithm like ONEPLUS does.

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Needs much improvement, overall camera quality is not up to the expectations with the high quality Zeiss lens.

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Dear Nokia Please listen to your users. Improve ur camera app Please

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Guys please improve camera performance...low light video recording is worst ...even my old Moto g3 can perform better...and it's price is even less than half of Nokia 7 plus...paid 26000 for this quality...I am really ashamed on my decision...

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I tested today the Google camera app and Nokia camera app, is the front camera on Nokia 7plua really a 16mp shooter,or its just a dummy setting in the Nokia app, thie pictures are no where as it should be for a 16mp camera ?

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The camera is sooo slow, regardless of gcam or Nokia camera in Pro mode. Even the slowest of moving object blurs.

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To add to this and the bad low-light photos, the Bokeh mode isn't on par with other devices, it should be improved drastically. But mainly, the software and algorithms should have a major improvement. Also, why doesn't it use the secondary camera to bring in more infos to process and get more details while using the main lens

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Yeah, and the low light really really sucks. GCam shows a massive improvement.

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Yeah.. Nokia!!!

Please listen to your users. Low light performance of nokia camera is too bad with lots of noise, even in day light camera produces noisy images.

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If GCam can improve image quality than Nokia can also improve the image quality through software upgrade.

Nokia please do it, I do not want to use any app outside play store.

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Frankly I use google pixel mod and its way better.. but when i tweak the pro mode like ISo at 1600 and shutter lag to 1/15 the pictures with default camera becomes just way way better.. sometimes i can compare it with my S7 and some shots r really comparable.. fact is the Auto mode is not optimized.. not a big problem for me as i use pro mode and google pixel mod.. but the camera pp shud be improved.. a lot of.time a minor shake.. clicks blurr picture.. even in well lit artificial condition.. nokia get up early !

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PPL though shud thank nokia for enabling API even without root.. google mod is absolutely stunning

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