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Random restart after May'2018 update

My Nokia 6.1 got the May update for Oreo. Since, then it is restarting randomly. Tried soft and hard resetting which did not solve the issue. If there is no quick fix coming very soon, I am going to return the phone. 

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Seems to be an issued with GPS. After turning off GPS in the Security and Location Settings, I have no more sudden reboots.
Thanks for posting this, it is actually 100% reproducible: - Disable location services - open maps and tap the button to go to your location - a dialog will pop up that asks you to enable location services - if you enable location service, the phone will crash, if you cancel, everything is fine Is there an official way to report bugs?

Sorry to say, but no crashes. I always have location on. Turned off and on again. No problem. (TA-1043)

Unfortunately you are right. I tried it at least five times earlier and the phone crashed every time location services were enabled and never when they were disabled. I tried it again just now and there was no crash
Also seeing random restarts after upgrading. Three or four in the last two days.
Tested some more: reboots seem only to occur when apps use the location and the setting for location mode is on high precision (GPS and WiFi, BT and mobile Network). Setting the mode on energy save with all but GPS or on device sensors only (including GPS) seem to work fine without reboot.

I use a parking app with Location on high precision. No problem whatsoever.

Same here. Gone from perfect phone (for me) to almost being unusable - can I rely on the alarm to wake me up?. Restarted several times yesterday, and then once driving to the gym and 6 times within 40 mins on my drive to work today.

There does not seem to be any pattern to it.

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Thanks for the info regarding location hope there's a patch coming very soon as this glitch spoils a beautiful phone

same here, following latest update, I've gone from very happy with my new phone to wondering if I can rely on it because it shuts down randomly.  No obvious pattern but I'll try disabling full accuracy location services and see if that helps.


Hi all, 

I’m really sorry to hear you’re facing issues after the last update. Only thing I can suggest you is contacting our customer support through the support app or >here< they might be able to help you. I will forward your issue as well, but by contacting the support it should pop up much faster on the agenda.

Best regards,


Bern driving with Google Maps navigation 2 hours today. Rebooted 4 Times...

My Nokia 6.1 does exactly the same thing without the use of gps on my behalf. There are times that I am constantly having random restarts by using only Whatsapp, when I am trying to type a message.

Same Here after updating without the May Update. Yesterday an endless restarting issued without the Change to disable GPS. After a few hours and safety restart it was better for a hour. Without using the SIM but GPS I used it now for 10hours without any problem
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