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Performance bugs and micro stutters

I've been using the Nokia 7 plus for a while now and the phone is a smooth performer most of the times but there are some micro stutters every now and then. When using the app switching by quickly tapping the recent apps button the transition is stuttery. When phone has not been used for a while and you start using the phone the animations and transitions stutters for the fist few seconds. Using multitasking occasionally hangs the phone. Ram management is flaky at best. Why do the apps relaod when we have 4gb of RAM, just why?? I have no games on my phone and even then app reloads. Devs need to look into these issues

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I realize the same on my phone, and I am not play games. I think software is not 100 % optimized yet. I hope Nokia will continuously optimize the software otherwise will people buy another phone

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Tech Wizard

Hello, I think it is safe to that Nokia 7 Plus will be the first phone from Nokia to receive the official Android P update since it is currently in Developer Preview. Android P looks promising and I think it will be well optimized for Nokia 7 Plus. So, I think Nokia won't do anything about this issue now. And I think, they will fix these issues directly through Android P upgrade which is going to get released in a matter of months. However I may be wrong and they could still push out a major update for the device to fix all these bugs. Thank you.

Do you have the last update?

Since my phone is up to date i've no more performance issue.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, that's good to hear that your issue is resolved but I don't own a Nokia 7 Plus at the moment. I was just sharing my thoughts on the issue you are facing. Thank you.

Yup, I agree that the performance is still somewhat 50 - 50. Ram doesn't keep apps and games in the background.
Running the latest update(May security patch) the one that broke the fast charging. The 7+ has some issues with frame drops as well when navigating the UI. Optimization and bug fixes need to be done.

Good God I'm seriously disappointed with the performance of this phone. SD660 & Android one means on paper it should fly but the phone lacks fluidity, its so jittery and janky that the OS build feels like a beta- build.

Juts run a frame render from dev options and see how many frames are dropped while navigating the UI. I received a call while I was on Youtube and the phone froze for a few seconds and then when it went to the call receive screen, the transition was so choppy its frankly ridiculous. Even switching between screens and apps is jittery and has choppy animations. My friend has a Moto g5s+ which is slightly lower end HW and still on Noughat and that phone is fluid to use even though his phone memory is nearly full. I have 48GB free space and the only apps I have are the ones that come installed, whatsapp and prime video. I even deleted all the play music, video...apps. HMD devs this is UNACCEPTABLE, FIX IT.

I'm not one to believe the hype but as someone whose 1st phone was the OG 3310 and till 2008 only owned Nokia phones including a few N series and communicator series phones, I gave in to the nostalgia and went for this phone thinking this would be like a Nexus 5 reborn but it is anything but that. The 7 plus got glowing reviews from the press...what kind of "reviewing" they did is frankly a mystery to me. This phone is a couple of MAJOR updates away from being smooth to use on a daily basis but right now its frustrating to use. 

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Yeah I hope they fix this issue sooner than later, because I don't want to wait months for this problem to be fixed. I didn't pay a rather high to mid-range price to get low range performance. I can understand performance drops in graphic intensive games, but surely not for basic UI... I can't help but feel a little cheated you know.

OK I'm done ranting. Just letting the Devs and the Admins know that my continual purchase of your branded phones really depends on how quickly you can fix this UI lag issue. I am also certain I am not alone in maintaining this sentiment.

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I'm wondering if Nokia devs at least know if something is wrong. There are many topics about poor Nokia performance, but no answer at all from someone from the company.
Performance issues are getting from day.Hope Nokia is working on the same.
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