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Virus guard

Pls let me knw do we need to use a virus guard to protect the phone?

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Google Play Protect is all you really need, as long as you only install things from the Play Store. Many of the apps marketed as being anti-virus or similar are actually some form of junk / adware / snake oil / spyware / malware.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, I also completely agree with @Murph here. As long as you install apps from Google Play Store you are completely safe. If you tend to install apps from other sources make sure it is a trusted site and think twice before downloading unknown apps from unknown sources. Even the antivirus from larger company that makes antivirus for PC is gimmicky because all it does is constantly monitors your activity and drains your battery and performance. So antivirus for android at current state is useless. So I also advice you to not to use an antivirus app at least not on an android device. Thank you.
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