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Excessive heating

I had purchased Nokia 6.1 but I found that it gets heated while camera use, whats app video call, charging and sometimes even on normal use. Does this problem also exist in other Nokia phones? Does this problem exist with every Nokia 6.1 phone? I want to purchase a new phone. So, please provide me information on heating issues with Nokia phones.

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 mine does too. especially when charging, i think its normal. check your temps in the support app, there's a device monitor, as long as its in the safe range you're fine.

It happens with all phones that have a high performance CPU. If you are not getting any warnings popping up, it's probably fine, and is probably neither excessive not overheating. The 8 core CPUs can generate far more heat than can be removed by the available passive cooling, but have automatic thermal protection to keep them within safe limits (something like 50C). Fast charging also generates significant heat (and has similar protection).
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